AL Senate District 25

Louie Albert Woolbright

Holt, Alabama

Holt High School 1972
University of Alabama BA 1975, MA 1976, MA 1978
University of Chicago PhD 1985

Employment History:
Centers for Disease Control 1985-1991
Alabama Department of Public Health 1991-2015

Taught courses at: University of Alabama, UAB, Shelton State Community College, Alabama State

Bio: Married with 4 children
Phi Beta Kappa
Numerous scientific publications

Endorsements: Alabama Cannabis Coalition, AFL-CIO

Louie Albert Woolbright


I am in favor of:
  • Smaller, less intrusive government.
  • Lower taxes
  • More referendums and voter involvement in the political process
  • Greater access to cannabis for treatment of mental and physical illnesses.
  • Gun ownership under the second amendment
  • Freedom of speech (No censorship of opinions by online platforms)
  • Freedom to petition the government for a redress of wrongs
  • Fewer regulations on small businesses
  • End to the wars on terror and drugs
  • The interest rate needs to be set by the market, not the Federal Reserve
  • We need major reforms of the educational system to produce students who are ready to make a contribution to the state and nation.


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