The most important task facing us right now is to ensure that our fellow Alabamans have the opportunity to vote in 2022 for our party’s candidates—whomever that may be.

Alabama is one of the nation’s toughest ballot access states, if not THE toughest! With a successful petition drive, we can ensure that Alabama voters have the Libertarian option on their ballots.

To do this, we must turn in a petition with 51,588 valid signatures by March 3, 2022 to achieve party status in Alabama for the first time in two decades.

Because elections officials may invalidate signatures for lots of reasons, we are aiming to be safe by collecting at least 70,000 total signatures.

This will not be an easy—or inexpensive—task. We must rely on volunteers, as well as paid petitioners that typically charge up to $5 per signature.  We’ve already started collecting petition signatures!

Getting people to sign, or circulate, petitions is going to be especially challenging in an environment that has people understandably wary of contact with those they don’t know due to COVID-19.

So, the best way to help us complete this essential task is to help us raise enough money to allow us to supplement our volunteer efforts with paid circulators. We’re currently estimating that this is going to take about $200,000. But we can’t count on the national party or a rich donor to swoop in and take care of this for us—please act today with your contribution.

How to Help

Gather Signatures

Click to download the 2022 Ballot Access petition. We will post a video guide shortly.

This drive needs your funding! Please pitch in to have others collect signatures on your behalf.


LP Alabama 2022 Ballot Access

$ 81,092 of $ 200,000 Raised
41% Goal Met
$ 118,908 Still Needed
286 Supporters
155 Days Left
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Employment Information

Election law requires us to use our best efforts to collect and report the name, mailing address, occupation and the name of the employer of individuals whose contributions exceed $200 in a calendar year. If you are currently not working, you may enter “Retired” or “Not Employed”. Political contributions are not tax-deductible.

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