Laura Lane

“Laura has been a true leader of the LPA for many years and, under her guidance, we will achieve ballot access in 2022.  Much of the success our party benefits from today is due to her hard work.  There is no one more deserving of lifetime recognition in this state than her.” ~ Gavin Goodman


Frank Dillman Sr.

 From his status as a Navy veteran defending our rights to his tireless fight in Montgomery pushing for more transparency from our leaders, he has
earned this recognition. He has become a name well known across his entire county and the state house. Our elected leaders know who he is better than any other libertarian in the state. His multiple attempts to push for a victory in Macon county where straight party voting essentially assured that the elections are over after the democratic primaries is inspirational. His tireless efforts to push and educate for I&R for our people are educational.  Frank has displayed true leadership and passion and should be recognized for his lifetime efforts. ~Tom Hopf

For 6 years, he has called attention to the blatant corruption rampant in his county’s government. His Op Eds and news pieces are published regularly. Running for office first as an independent, then twice more as Libertarian, and never backing down, even when his opponent’s goons followed him and threatened his supporters. Each campaign almost 100% funded out of his own pocket. For at least a decade, he’s championed the need for Initiative and Referendum in our state, travelling across the state to educate the citizens, lobby the legislature, and again, every dime coming out of his pocket.  His belief in the need for more transparency, open records, and citizens’ right to know never faltered, even when it resulted in his removal from County Commission meetings and being unlawfully detained by law enforcement.  These are the things that make Frank Dillman deserving of a seat in our Hall of Liberty. ~ Laura Chancey Lane


2019 Inductees

Mark Bodenhausen
1965 – 2013 (Posthumously)

Mike Rster

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