How to Help

To help give Alabamians a choice in 2024, we are seeking your support.

Gather Signatures

Click here to download the 2024 Statewide Ballot Access Petition.

In order to give Alabamians a choice in 2024 like in 2022, we must receive no less than 42,353 signatures. With the message sent in 2022 we expect there to be an even bigger challenge and are pushing for at least 84,000 signatures to be submitted in 2023.

Join the Party Today

If you do not have the time to collect signatures yourself, please consider joining the movement by becoming a dues paying member and swelling our ranks to send a message to montgomery.

Those in power in Alabama are committed to stifling competition.  Alabama ranks #1 for the worst ballot access and retention laws in the country.  20% of the total votes cast for the previous governors race, is the amount of votes required in any statewide race to retain access, and they will stop at nothing as we have seen to keep competition off the ballot.

This is a Third Party App provided by the Alabama Secretary of States office on their website.

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