Start A County Affiliate

Creating a County Affiliate in 10 easy steps

  1. If you are not already a member, join the the LPA by clicking the JOIN TODAY button on the menu.
  1. Click VOLUNTEER and fill out an application. Select “Organize County”. We will verify that an affiliate does not already exist in your county and, if not, you will be appointed Temporary Chair of your County Affiliate at the next LPA Executive Committee meeting. Once confirmed, the LP Secretary will provide you with a list of members in your county from our National and State LP lists to help get your County Affiliate going.
  1. Set a time, location and agenda for your first meeting. (Many places like restaurants and libraries have public meeting rooms that can be utilized for free – be sure to confirm your location for the date and time of your meeting.)
  1. Begin recruiting interested people to your meeting. Talk to family, coworkers, set up an event on Meetup, utilize Facebook and any other method you can think of to inform people about your event. Try putting an ad in your local paper, since some event listings are free of charge. Call the current and lapsed members from your county from the National and State membership list. Let the LPA know when your meeting is, so they can help publicize your event.
  1. During your first meeting, give an overview of the Libertarian Party including principles and goals. Explain that the mission of a County Affiliate is to promote the Libertarian Party and LP Candidates in your county. Let attendees know that if they would like to hold an office in this County Affiliate, they MUST be members of the LPA, and tell them how to become members. Discuss the need to create a set of County Bylaws in order to be recognized as the Official County Affiliate. You may want to present some other county bylaws as an example of the types of offices that will need to be filled and as a general idea of the bylaws that you will begin working and voting on at your next meeting.
  1. You will need to create a preliminary layout for bylaws. Feel free to contact members of the State Executive Committee for help on this step if needed. Following this list is a set of sample bylaws to assist you.
  1. During your second meeting, present your preliminary layout of County Bylaws. You should have a number of people who are members of the LPA and are therefore eligible to suggest changes and to vote on the approval of the bylaws. Encourage these members to offer suggestions, additions or changes to your preliminary layout. Be patient with this process, and be sure to allow everyone to offer opinions – even non-members. Although non-members are not allowed to vote on changes, their input in this process should be welcomed as a way of encouraging more involvement. Getting a final set of bylaws approved by your members may be accomplished in one meeting or it may take several meetings.
  1. Submit your finalized bylaws to the State Executive Committee for approval. Once your bylaws are approved at the next LPA Executive Committee meeting, you are officially a County Affiliate!
  1. At your next meeting following approval by the Executive Committee, you will need to use the process laid out in your bylaws to appoint or vote on the County Executive Committee. This committee includes all the official offices as laid out in your bylaws. Remember, a permanent Chair must be chosen at well. Only members of the LPA may hold office.
  1. Remember to have fun!