Charles Temm for Alabama House District 38

Charles Temm was born Dec 1960. He enlisted in Maine in August of 1979.  Charles served in the US Army (airborne and light infantry) for 22 years. He retired at Ft Benning as a Sergeant First Class (E7).

Charles has worked for Walmart in the Distribution Center at Opelika since April 2001.  Charles has attended AUM  earning a Bachelors in history and a Masters in secondary education while working to provide for his family. 

Charles has been married to Ottilia M. Mora since Jan 2006.  Chrarles has one son who will be retiring as a Sergeant First Class from the Army next year after 20 years service.  Charles and Ottilia have 2 granddaughters, Haylee (19) and Julie Temm (18).
Hobbies and interests include fishing, shooting, stamp collecting, reading, walking, and hiking.
Alabama lacks the infrastructure to keep up with the growing population and demand of supplies and commerce. We need to resurface rural roads not just roads leading to new developments or in urban areas. We also need more transparency in the bidding process, in Lee County too much suspicious contracting to select businesses and companies.
2nd Amendment Sanctuary Movement
The Sheriff's Association resistance is based on the same rhetoric normally only pushed by the Democrat Party, not factually based, but emotional. Many states have both 2nd Amendment sanctuary & constitutional carry w ith zero increase of gun crime by law abiding citizens. Political resistance to both was not based on facts, rather fiscal self interest on the part of some aspects of state government and the false belief or notion that a slaughter of citizens will ensue.
End the Grocery Tax
Food is a necessity and the tax on groceries impacts those least able to afford them, the poor and elderly.
32 states do not tax groceries at all. Another 5 states have no sales tax at all.
10 others tax groceries at a reduced rate. That leaves only Alabama, Mississippi, and South Dakota that tax groceries at the full state sales tax rate.
Lower State Income Taxes
In an environment where lower taxed states are attracting a lion's share of new business and tax refugees, this can be a great draw. It will also act as a benefit to those who are hurt by high taxes. Increased business/new residents will mean increased private economic activity and thus higher overall tax revenue.
Ballot Access
End ballot access denial.
Let any party run candidates.
That will increase voter participation as the odds increase we will see actual races that are not simply picking the "lesser of two evils".
Voter apathy has increased everywhere and letting other ideas take part in the process outside of the two party lock in we have now.
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